Friday, February 1, 2013

First Lines & First Paragraphs -- by Author Martha Alderson

Martha Alderson is the author of more than 8 books on plotting and
writing novels, including "The Plot Whisperer" and "The Plot
Whisperer Workbook," as well as "Blockbuster Plots Plain and Simple."  
In addition to her books she shares a lot of very helpful and specific
writing, revising, and plotting tips on You Tube.

Today, as I am revising the first chapter of one of my own stories,
I'm sharing her thoughts on "First Lines and First Paragraphs" with all of
you.  Thanks Martha, for posting such succinct yet helpful tips online for
all of us!

Now off we all go to look a bit closer at our current first chapters and paragraphs.
Thanks, Martha!

Next week we'll have hilarious and talented, award-winning
Middle Grade/YA/and PB author Adam Rex interviewed
on writermorphosis. He'll be sharing his thoughts and tips on
specific aspects of writing fiction for middle graders.  See you then!


Carol Baldwin said...

THanks for a reminder. Martha Alderson has a lot of good resources. Hope she helps you with your WIP!

Janelle said...

Hi Carol, yes Martha does have some really good tips on you tube that are good reminders even for folks who may have written a book or two before! Sometimes we all need reminders. :)

Linda A. said...

Hi Janelle,
I have bought The Plot Whisperer and Workbook. Maybe this video will inspire me to jump in and get to work.

Thanks for posting tips from the experts.

I appreciate you!

Janelle said...

That's great, Linda! I hope the "Plot Whisperer" books will be a great resource!
Sometimes workbooks like that can really help us to focus more on specific aspects of strengthening our plots and characters.