Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's True. Writermorphosis is still here for you!

With Great Tips on Craft 
from Well-Published Authors!

Though Writermorphosis is
 going on Haitus
with no new interviews or posts
January 2014-July 2015
(so I, Janelle, can get work done on my own books)

I still hope you'll come by to...

Find the Great Tips On Craft from 
Best-Selling YA/Children's Authors 
Linked on the Right Side of this blog.  



They're here to help YOU!

 ...With Tips and Examples from their own writing!

So if you're looking for help on:

Action Scenes
Picture Books
Historical Novels

or any number of other hot writing topics, you will still find tips from today's Best Selling Children's and YA Authors here to help you -- even over this period of Hiatus.

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  For those who aren't yet in the loop, yet, find out why we're going on Haitus -- Here : )  

We'll be taking "a break from interviews and posts."  

 But all past interviews are linked on the right by Category!

And below are a couple of great RECENT AUTHOR TIPS INTERVIEWS you may have missed!  

Until we resume...
  Happy Writing, Revising, Submitting, and Publishing!

See you again soon!  - Janelle

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                                YA Author Kathleen Duey on WORLD-BUILDING/SETTING