Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Cybils Panelist Shares Her Journey

So, how are the CYBILS award books chosen? Stacy DeKeyser, one of the initial panelists on this year's "YA novel" Cybils panel shares her experience on her blog post from January 8th, "Diary of a Cybils Committee Member." Check it out.

And for more news on the CYBILS, peruse the CYBILS blog at

The initial panelists (who selected the final books in each category and sent them to the judges) are now free to share their thoughts and views on the nominated books. But I and the other judges are still sworn to secrecy as we read and debate. (Nope! Put away that verita serum. You won't get a WORD out of ME!)

The winners in each Category will be announced on the Cybils web-site in Mid February. And immediately thereafter the "Fantasy Category" winners will be celebrated, drooled over, dissected, critiqued, picked apart (in loving writerly fashion so we can learn from the techniques used by their writers), and generally discussed from all angles here on writermorphosis. Reading great books is like taking a course in great writing!


Bish Denham said...

So how did you get to be judge, Janelle? I'm curious.

Janelle said...

Good question, Bish. I'll answer that in an upcoming post.

Craft Write said...

Thanks for all the hard work. Sounds like you're still doing a lot of writing despite the reading. Good for you! I'll make a copy of the winners for future reading. They sound great.