Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seeking Submissions: 2 Anthologies and a Contest

In this edition of Writermorphosis we have a Guest Blogger: George Anthony Kulz.

George is a friend of mine and an expert on where to find -- and how to submit to -writing contests and literary compilations. He’ll be stopping by Writermorphosis every few months to post upcoming contests and opportunities, and today is his first guest post. Welcome George!

George suavely knows about writing contests before the rest of us, somehow. And he wins them too. He’s won the Gotham Writers' Workshop 100 Word Writing Contest, the readers' choice contests in knowonder!, (twice,) and the 2010 NYC Midnight Tweet Me a Story contest. His published short stories have appeared in Wee Ones Children’s Magazine, Spider, Happiness, The Nautilus Engine, Characters, Spaceports and Spidersilk, Stories for Children, Stories That Lift, The Drabbler, and knowonder!. George lives in Rhode Island with his wife and four kids. He currently spends his non-writing time working as a software engineer in a hospital.

Without further adoo, here's George's post:

“Most of you have probably set some writing goals for this year, and I hope that some of the contests and market ideas that I mention here will help you achieve those goals. Here are three markets that might be of interest. The first two are related to the same publisher.

1. Rebel Books, LLP is putting together an anthology of faerie stories for young adults, to be published in mid 2010. They are seeking modern, original stories about or including faeries, with an edgy teen focus. The closing date for submissions is 2/28/10. You can find info here: They are a paying market, and it costs nothing to send them stories.

2. Rebel Books, LLP is also putting together an anthology of magical themed stories for kids ages 7+. Stories should have a magical, fantastical theme to capture and hold the reader's attention but should still be original and modern. The closing date for submissions is 5/31/10. Again, the website is:

3. Finally, the Cassell Network of Writers is putting on a writing contest with a children's writing category, called the 2010 Writers-Editors Network 27th Annual International Writing Competition. There is an entry fee, but if you are a member you can get 50% off the entry fee. The contest deadline is 3/15/10. Find information by clicking the link above.

That's all for this time. Stay tuned for more markets & contests - George.


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