Monday, April 23, 2012

"Each One Teach One" Author Interviews!

Many talented authors have given me tips and pointers as my writing career has progressed. Those tips continue to be an enormous help to me as I keep on trudging. From Author Kathleen Reilly who taught me how to improve non-fiction query letters, to Author Carrie Ryan who shared tips on how far fiction readers are truly willing to "suspend their disbelief" during the course of a book before they kick the author to the curb -- many authors have knowingly and even unknowingly mentored me on my writing journey.

I'm so grateful for that, and for the tips I continue to receive as the journey continues.  And I've heard similar gratefulness expressed by many new writers.

So, now we're going to hear from the "not so new" YA/MG and children's authors!

In the "Each One Teach One" author interviews beginning this Friday, April 27th, and continuing each Friday evening throughout the Spring here on Writermorphosis, experienced Childrens/YA authors will share the good advice that other authors, agents, or editors taught them early in their own careers, and how they used the tips given by those mentors to build their writing careers into what they are today. 

I suspect that if we implement the tips they share each week, our own writing careers may grow stronger every Friday.  It's kind of like a mini-writing conference on a blog. :)

So join me, for the "Each One Teach One" interviews.  Huge thanks to all the exprienced authors who've already signed up to share.  And huge thanks as well to those who went before them, who taught them what they know today. How could we learn this stuff without you?

Our first author is John Claude Bemis, author of 3 MG/YA Steampunk novels, with another great futuristic teen novel, The Prince Who Fell From the Sky, about to be released.

Thanks John, for sharing your thoughts this coming Friday.

We look forward to it!


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