Saturday, June 23, 2012

Huge Thanks -- And More to Come!

This week we don't have a new Author interview in the Each One Teach One Series because I'm hosting a team of teens from the U.S. on a humanitarian work team here in the Dominican Republic. They're doing games and activities with children in the barrio of Pancho Mateo here on the North Coast of the Country.  I'll be back at the keyboard here next week with more author interviews beginning again next Saturday.  But in the meantime, if you've missed any of the recent interviews I'd encourage you to go back and check them out! We've had some great ones!

Huge Thanks to the fabulous children's and YA authors who have been interviewed for the Each One Teach One series so far:

Kami Kinard: Middle Grade Fiction
Kathleen Reilly: Nonfiction and Fiction Middle Grade
Alan Gratz: YA/MG
Joyce Moyer Hostetter: Historical Fiction - YA/MG
David Greenberg: PBs and Middle Grades
John Bemis: MG/YA Steampunk Fiction
Stephen Messer: Middle Grade Fiction
and last week's wonderful guest: Picture Book Author Kelly Starling Lyons

See you next week as we continue learning from each other. - Janelle


Liz Hollar said...

What an awesome experience for those teens. It's so great what you're doing!

Janelle said...

Thanks Liz! I love doing it! We've had a great week! Happy writing!