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Each One Teach One: Children's/YA Authors Share their Wisdom In PRINT

As promised, we are back on task this week, with more author/illustrator and publishing professional tips! : ) Over the next 3 weeks we'll have interviews with extremely well-published Children's Author Stephanie Greene, Author and Writing Instructor Carol Baldwin, Children's Book Illustrator and SCBWI Carolinas ARA Bonnie Adamson, plus more. I'm excited about the wonderful tips and stories they'll share.

Today, we're also starting something new:  Pointing you toward great "in print" tips on the industry.

The continued goal of the "Each One Teach One" interviews is for writers and illustrators to learn from writers, illustrators, and publishing professionals who are experienced in the field.  But if we do only "interviews" we're leaving something out.  Many wise authors, illustrators, and leaders in this industry also share their tips for us IN PRINT.

So every month this summer I'm going to highlight one place where you can find great industry professional tips -- IN PRINT.  There's WRITERS DIGEST magazine, The CHILDREN'S WRITER Newsletter, and many other National and Regional writing publications and websites. I'll highlight the best ones here.

Today, we're starting with the PEN & PALETTE, a regional SCBWI Publication from the SCBWI Carolinas Region.  

If you're a children's or YA writer or illustrator and you're not a member of SCBWI -- the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators -- yet, I highly recommend it.  You can join at the national level by clicking the link above, and on the national website you'll find a link to your local state or regional SCBWI.

Many regional SCBWI groups have newsletters that share publishing tips with their members.  The SCBWI Carolinas Quarterly Publication the PEN & PALETTE is one of the great ones. (And I'm not just saying that because I write a column for the P&P detailing Opportunities for writers and illustrators.) : )

The newest editions of the PEN & PALETTE are only available to SCBWI members.  But for this week, I highly encourage you to check out some of this past year's great older articles written by Authors and Illustrators is 2011 and 2012 editions of the P&P.  

Here are recent article of interest from the 2011 and 2012 Editions:

Find the topic below (with edition and page number) that you want know more about. Then Click on the P&P link (here) to find the correct edition of the P&P, and the articles are right there online. Happy Reading!

Spring 2012  Pen and Palette
OPPORTUNITIES: Winning Niche Book Awards by Janelle Bitikofer ...12
TECH REPORT: How to Back-Up your Work by Stephen Messer ........14
CAUGHT IN THE WEB: Building Buzz for your Book by Laura Renegar ...16
BECOMING A SERIOUS WRITER: Setting as Character by Jo Hackl ...15
INSPIRATIONS: Creating a Mood Board by Andrea Jacobsen ...17

Winter 2012
OPPORTUNITIES: Consider making a book trailer by Janelle Bitikofer....21

Fall 2011
OPPORTUNITIES: Work for Hire by Jenny Murray ....11
COLLECTIVE WISDOM: What changes when you’re agented? by Niki Schoenfeldt...13
JUST STARTING OUT? SCBWI to the Rescue! by Donna Earnhardt ...12
CAUGHT IN THE WEB: Conference networking by Laura Renegar...18

Summer 2011
COLLECTIVE WISDOM: Social Networking Pros and Cons by Niki Schoenfeldt..13
INS AND OUTS OF PUBLISHING A YA NOVEL by Carol Baldwin and Steve Matchett...14

Spring 2011
COLLECTIVE WISDOM: Vernacular ain’t necessarily wrong by Carol Baldwin...12
WRITING ELEMENTS: Copy editing Crash Course by Megan Shepherd...16

I hope these articles will help help you as you further your career.

See you next Saturday for our next "amazing author" interview and tips.

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I love the Pen and Palette! I find a lot of helpful articles in it.