Saturday, October 13, 2012

And the Winners Are...!

In the "Thanks to the Readers" blog post in September, Writermosphosis readers had
the chance to enter to win a book written by one of the Amazing Authors who have
been interviewed on Writermorphosis over the past 5 months.

Now the names have been drawn with my eyes closed, and the results are in!


Donna Earnhardt --

You win Author Joyce Moyer Hostetter's award winning MG Historical Novel
Blue!  It's in the mail to you now!
For anyone who missed Joyce's great tips on writing historical fiction check it out
by clicking here: Joyce Moyer Hostetter on Writing Historical MG/YA Fiction.

Jenny Murray --

You win Author Alan Gratz' fabulous MG fantasy novel Fantasy Baseball!
For anyone who didn't get a chance to read Alan's great tips on plotting, click here for
his interview: Alan Gratz on Plot.

Carol Baldwin --  

You win Author Kathleen Duey's Brilliant dark YA novel Skin Hunger!
If anyone out there missed Kathleen's amazing 2 part interview on "World
building in Fantasy and Science Fiction" find it here: Kathleen Duey talksWorld Building, Description, and Research.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Happy Reading, Carol, Jenny and Donna! Thanks to all who entered!

We'll do another drawing of books from the next group of interviewed authors around Christmas time, so keep your eyes peeled, here on the blog, for a chance to win!

We also have a new crop of experienced authors who will be sharing their tips here on Writermorphosis, weekly, over the next few months, between now and Christmas.  We'll begin
next Saturday morning with Amazing Author/Illustrator Joan Holub! 

Joan has written approximately 100 -- yes,  I did say ONE HUNDRED books for young readers
over her life-time as an author, and her career is still going strong, with two series in which she's currently pumping out more fabulous new books.  If you have time before next week I encourage
you to take a trip to your local book store and just ask the books store staff to point out to you the kids' books they have on their shelves that were written by Joan Holub. By simply wandering
around in my local Barnes and Nobles in Raleigh I found 3 totally different sections of books
- both fiction and non-fiction written by Joan. Hooray Joan! So I really look forward to hearing
what she has to teach us next week! : )

In the meantime, one of our book winners, above, Donna Earnhardt also has a new book of her own out in bookstores this fall, so we want to celebrate that! 
Congrats Donna, on your recently released picture book Being Frank!


Carol Baldwin said...

A triple giveaway! Thanks for my new book. SO many books to little time! But, it's on my "to read" shelf.

Linda A. said...

Congratulations to the winners. Many thanks to you, Janelle for the quality interviews and tips the guests provided. Keep it coming!

Janelle said...

Thanks for reading Writermorphosis, Linda! Maybe next time you'll win a book too! : )
Congrats Carol!