Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Off to Haiti. But here are 2 More Great Author Interviews you May Have Missed!

Hello All, 

As a reminder, it's November -- the month of Nanowrimo, U.S. Thanksgiving, and your local mall's favorite holiday, "Black Friday."

Many of us are spending time with family over turkey dinners while others of us are hiding in the closet, the attic, or the secret room under the stairs trying to keep typing away at that Nano novel despite the in-laws being in town. :)  We're also running off to use that "Black Friday" discount to buy our critique-buddy's newest novel off the Barnes and Noble shelves.  So, since we're all so busy, as announced last week, there will not be a new author interview on Writermorphosis until December arrives, and everyone can take a breath from Nano and begin pulling out their December holiday decor.  I personally am off to Haiti to hang out with some kids there for Thanksgiving this year and will give an update when I return.

But no worries!  You can still find great author advice on Writermorphosis this month.

Click on this week's "two more great interviews you may have missed," below:


Each One Teach One Interview: Megan Shepherd YA Gothic writer Shares her thoughts and tips on PLOT MAPPING


Each One Teach One Interview: Multi-published Children's Book Author Stephanie Greene shares thoughts on writing and what she's learned about bringing a Character’s Emotions to Life.

Enjoy these great tips and experiences shared by brilliant authors, and have a wonderful Holiday and a very successful final week-and-a-half of Nanowrimo.  See you next week.

- Janelle


Jocelyn Rish said...

Wow, Haiti?!? Hope you have a nice trip! I actually met Megan at Chautauqua a few year ago, so I'm so excited for her. Lots of great tips in those interviews!

Anonymous said...

Two great author interviews! Thanks!

Janelle said...

Thanks Jocyln and Anonymous! Yes, both these authors gave great tips!