Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year, New Author Interviews, New Ideas!

Happy Holidays to all the writers and illustrators out there who have been reading this blog all year!

I hope this blog and the wonderful tips by well-published authors have been a gift to you and a help on your writing journey!  Your reading of the blog has been a gift to me.

Now it's almost New Years Eve!

In the spirit of jumping with both feet straight into 2013 we'll have two wonderful interviews during the first two weeks in January. Who are they?

1.) Stephen Mooser, President and Co-founder of SCBWI will be here! He'll share his thoughts on where children's/YA book publishing is going in the future, and how we as authors/illustrators can move forward positively and successfully into the ever-changing publishing world.

2.)  Several well-published Childrens/YAauthors will share their personal tips and strategies for setting "Yearly Writing Goals" in January.  Don't miss this chance to learn from those who have made a successful career out of writing for children and youth.  We can learn from their strategies and incorporate them into our own strategizing as we set writing goals of our own for 2013.

So, the next few weeks on Writermorphosis will be an exciting time of tips for how each of us writers can plan for the future and turn our writing goals into successes!

This week, however, in leu of an interview, I want to direct your cursor to another "NEW" idea that's seems like it will be making waves in the world of books in 2013!  It's the idea of "LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES" like the one pictured above.

Little Free Libraries are a new idea introduced in the mid-west of the United States that encourages neighborhoods that don't have a library to fill a small wooden box with books.  Anyone can take a book, read it, then return it. Anyone can put books in the library for others to read.   I first found a story about this new trend in Country Magazine in October of this year, and the concept seems to be spreading like wildfire in small communities across the country!  Do kids and adults in your neighborhood need a "Little Free Library" to give them more access to the beautiful world of books?  Check out the ideas and perhaps you'll get ideas of your own at the LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES website! I personally think it's a very cool idea.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Then swing by here on January 5th and 12th for wise words from those in the know about how we as authors can move our careers forward with hope, enthusiasm, and achievable goals for our writing careers in 2013!


Rebecca Petruck said...

Wow, looks like you've got a great month lined up for us! Can't wait!

Linda A. said...

Happy New Year, Janelle. Love your start for a new year.

Jess said...

Looking forward to the interviews!

Janelle said...

Thanks Rebecca, Linda and Jess. Great to see you all here! I'm looking forward to the interviews myself! :)

Happy New Year!

Maria Nolletti Ross said...

I received a Little Free Library for Christmas. It's all installed AND we've had at least two patrons on the first day!