Friday, March 8, 2013

Author Neil Gaiman: On "Making Good Art"

English Author Neil Gaiman really needs no introduction.  He's written well-known adult books, well-loved comic books and graphic novels, and at least one screenplay. 

His YA novel The Graveyard Book won both the Newbery and Carnegie medals in 2008, the only single book to ever win both. His fantasy book Stardust, and his MG novel Coraline, have both been made into movies that are loved by children and adults alike. His newest picture book, Chu's Day was just released on January 18th, (and interestingly enough was illustrated by fabulous illustrator/author Adam Rex, who was our author interviewee on Writermorphosis just three weeks ago). Amazon calls Chu's Day a "Pre-K-aged sweet, playful tale about a small panda with an extraordinary knack for inadvertently causing trouble."

So, you name it, Neil has written it - every type of book, for every age group -- from a sweet little panda, to sci-fi dramas, to scary ghosts and graveyards, to wolves in the walls.

Today he's here to share tips, and most importantly, INSPIRATION via the video below. I suspect that -- no matter what our age is -- we can all find a nugget or two of wisdom in this speech he gave to the graduating class of the University of the Arts in 2012.


When writing your YA novel, your picture book, your middle grade mystery or fantasy, or whatever type of book you're working on ...  never lose sight of the wonderful and amazing opportunity to


Thank you, Neil.  An excellent speech!


Anonymous said...

Chu's Day looks like a funny new book. I'm so impressed with the diversity of Gaiman's writing.

Janelle said...
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Anonymous said...

Neil Gaiman's speech was great. I found it inspiring. Well worth the long-listen! Thanks for posting it!