Saturday, June 8, 2013

AUTHOR PLATFORM: Do you need one to market your books?


It's something many agents and editors say helps them decide whether to take on a new author or a new book, or not.  But there's a lot of confusion about the term and what it means for authors and illustrators. So... what on earth is it?  Do you need one?  And if so, how do you create one?


"What editors and agents typically mean by platform (is that) they’re looking for someone (an author) with visibility and authority who has proven reach to a target audience."- Editor Jane Friedman, the former publisher of Writer's Digest

In an excellent recent blog post Jane Friedman explained that author platform consists of "Visability, Authority, Proven Reach, and a Target Audience."

If you want to know more about these aspects of an author platform, and to also see Jane's great list of what an author platform "is NOT."

Read her fabulous blog post:

A Definition of Author Platform.

And here are additional helpful thoughts and tips in an article published in the Huffington Post by Dan Blank, from

It's also been said that Author Platform is just that -- a Platform, a Deck which holds up your book and your work as an author.  It's a Foundation that makes your book go father and helps keep your career as an author afloat.

Next week on Writermorphosis you'll find tips, supports, and links for creating and maintaining your Author Platform.  

After that we have more great author-tips interviews coming down the pike!


Linda A. said...

I have so much to learn so about author platform and marketing. Thank you for presenting tips from guests on these topics.

Carol Baldwin said...

another one for "When I finish my book"!