Saturday, September 14, 2013

Winners Announced - Writermorphosis Summer Comments Contest!

It's Official!  After a summer of commenting, the winners of the Writermorphosis Comments Contest are being announced today!

As per the rules of the contest, each time you wrote a comment on the blog this summer your name was entered into the Comments Contest Jar.  The more comments you made, the more chances you had to win!

After all comments were collected the names of the commenters were mixed together (your name was entered once for every comment you made,) and then they were somewhat "re-shuffled" by our panel of expert Contests Assistants as seen in the brief video below:

After a thorough shuffling of the names, Contest Assistant One-Dot-Black-Nose chose the winning names.

Of course Linda A was our first winner!  Linda you have been a huge supporter of Writermorphosis throughout the summer, commenting on every post! And it has paid off!


You win the wonderful book Ron's Big Mission Illustrated by Expert Author/Illustrator Don Tate!

Our second winner is Carol Baldwin! 

CONGRATULATIONS CAROL! Thanks for commenting!

You win a copy of Non-fiction Expert Author Steve Sheinkin's recently released YA book Lincoln's Grave Robbers!

Each book will contain a writing tip from that author on the inside cover!


And THANKS TO the 1400 writers who continue to read this blog every month! 

Stay tuned for more expert Author Interviews coming up this fall!

- Janelle


Linda A. said...

Hi Janelle,

I've enjoyed your fun summer contest. Congratulations to Carol Baldwin on her win.

Terrific to hear that I won too! I look forward to the book and the writing tip! Thank you Janelle. Please email me at for my address.

Keep posting those great writing tips for all your followers.

Janelle said...

Congrats Linda! Congrats Carol!