Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Book Project with IMPACT for Teens during this Holiday Season 2013!

If teens you know are looking for a great, easy yet important project to help others this Christmas Season, here's one that can put desperately needed kids' books into the hands of needy children around the world!

 Thanks to Room to Read for the use of this photos to share their story on Writermorphosis this Christmas!

ROOM TO READ is a non-profit organization that builds libraries in needy communities around the world and publishes children's books in languages and countries where there aren't many children's books!  

(When I went to Haiti this past year I didn't find any children's books.  There were no book stores with Story books in the area of the country where we were -- a couple of 3rd grade textbooks were all I found.  Room to Read creates and publishes books and supplies libraries around the world in areas like this! - Janelle from Writermorphosis)

THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Encourage teens you know to  
check out the ROOM TO READ Holiday giving page.

They and their friends or families can give books to children around the world this Christmas with just a small cookie-baking fundraiser, 

or by not drinking their normal Starbucks coffee for 1 week straight

or by choosing to donate some of the money their families would have spent on them

 -- to help children in Africa or Asia in need of books and an education. 
Education eradicates poverty.  Books and Education can change the world!

So encourage teens and pre-teens you know to change the world this Christmas!

Give a Book.

Give a Library!

And stay tuned to Writermorphosis for another great Author-Tips Interview coming up between now and Christmas!  Who is it? That's a secret!  You'll have to wait and see! :)

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