Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness for Writers

Since Hurricane Isaac blew past my house the other day dumping rain and rolling thunder, then moving on to pour down it's wrath on Haiti, Louisiana, and many places in between, I was reminded of an old post here on Writermorphosis that we had fun with a couple of years back.  That post -- meant to be a humorous look at how writers can (and should) prepare for unexpected things like natural disasters (by backing up your work, etc) -- initiated a fun discussion on what real writers do and "should do" to keep their manuscripts and works-in-progress safe from flood, fire, electical outage, or any other sort of disaster.

When I went back to read the old post I noticed that one of our upcoming "Each One Teach One" authors, Kathleen Duey, author of more than 50 books for young readers and teens, including the brilliant Skin Hunger, made a great suggestion at the bottom of the hurricane post, way back in 2008.  Thanks Kathleen!

So, as folks are drying out, wringing out, and cleaning up from Hurricane Isaac, I'm reposting "Hurricane Preparedness for Writers" as today's post. (Click the link to read it!) I hope you will enjoy it, and share your comments on ways to keep your writer's life safe from disaster. : )  Meanwhile for those who are mopping up from Hurricane Isaac -- our thoughts are with you.  For those who wish to assist them, here's a lin to The American Red Cross.

We'll look for Kathleen Duey's "Each One Teach One" interview in Mid-September, as well as other "Each One Teach One" Author Interviews on topics ranging from "fantasy novel world-building," to characterization, to making your way through the publishing industry. See you then!

Happy Labor Day Weekend to those reading this blog in the U.S.!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Looking forward to the Kathleen Duey interview!