Saturday, September 8, 2012


Sometimes we do something and we wonder -- is this making any difference? Should I continue in this track or should I stop and focus my time and energy elsewhere?

Many parents of teenagers have this question in their minds on any given Tuesday when their heirs-apparent are doing something that makes it seem that they're oblivious to your guidance and love. 
Ha ha.  But of course, as a parent, your impact is important in the lives of your kids.  Statistics continue to show that parents are the most important factor in affecting a teens behavior and success in life.

Many authors have a similar question -- "Is this book I'm writing sale-able? Are the theme and characters going to be interesting to people? Should I keep on as I am or should I stop and write something completely different? The general recommendation of editors related to these novel-writing questions has been repeated at every writing conference in the history of time `write the book you feel called to write, and write it well. Don't try to fit your writing in with the current trend of post-apocolyptic novels, vampires, wizards, or whatever happens to be seemingly going on in the market at the time.  Markets change.  If it's a great book, people will read it! Maybe you'll start a new trend.'

Bloggers, like authors, also have that fear that they're possibly dumping their energy into something that may be totally unsuccesful in the end; something no-one is reading. That's especially true in this era when people don't comment on blog posts! : ) Hee hee.  I've interviewed a number of friends who read blogs and almost all of them say "I really like reading the blogs, but I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said, so I don't comment."  To those readers I say, your comment is still valuable. But to bloggers I say, don't fear a lack of comments.  Check your stats.

I recently checked the stats of writermorphosis and wanted to take the time today to say



Number of Readers Last month:  831

Readers live in 12 Countries:

United States
Dominican Republic
The United Kingdom

Most-read type of posts:  The "Each One Teach One" author interviews.

So, THANKS!  Glad to see that folks are reading the blog!

We'll continue our "Each One Teach One" interview series with tips next week on "World-building in Science Fiction and Fantasy" by Kathleen Duey, author of more than 50 children's/YA books.

To Celebrate the success of the "Each One Teach One" Author Interviews, I'm giving away 3 great books by 3 of our interviewed authors:

Blue - by Joyce Moyer Hostetter
Fantasy Baseball - By Alan Gratz
Skin Hunger - Kathleen Duey

To enter, write a comment on this post saying

1. What type of writing you do (YA, MG, Children's PB, Children's Historical, etc)
2. What state or country you live in
3.  What's been your favorite post on the writermorphosis blog :)

I'll post the names of the 3 randomly selected winners (commenters) of the books on the blog at the end of September.

Thanks for reading Writermorphosis!





Donna Earnhardt said...

1. PB, MG, YA (maybe!) and adult fiction
2. North Carolina, Baby! :)
3. I can't pick just one. HOwever... I'm really learning from all the "Each One Teach One" posts!

Great contest!

Jenny said...

1. MG
2. NC
3. I love the author interviews. Keep up the great work!

Carol Baldwin said...

1. Historical YA
2.Charlotte, NC, USA
3. Joyce Hostetter's--but have enjoyed many of the "each one teach one" series.

I already have read the first 2 books or own them, but would love to read/have Kathleen Duey's book!

Janelle said...

Thanks Donna, Jenny, and Carol!

So far it looks like you guys are all 3 going to win a book, lol.

But since the contest is open until the end of September...

we'll see if anyone else jumps in with another comment to give you a little competition before the end of the month. : )

rtpuppydog said...

1. personal stories, and fantasy
2. Virginia, USA
3. I was just introduced to this blog through the Kathleen Duey interview, so now I get to go through others in the 'each one teach one' to learn more about writing!

Lisa Fowler said...

I write mostly middle grade fiction. I live in Asheville, North Carolina and I love Joyce Hostetter's work. I enjoyed the interviews with both she and Carol Baldwin but really, all of the interviews have been helpful and informative.

Liz Hollar said...

1. MG
2. Raleigh, NC
3. I've loved all the interviews. Really helpful and encouraging, but I especially liked the plot information in Megan Shepherd's.

Diane Dawson Hearn said...

1. I write and illustrate children's picture books, but I have an MG fantasy rattling around in my head.
2. Virginia, USA
3. I'm fairly new to this blog and really enjoyed the World Building discussion with Kathleen Duey. It has really helped me to think about the world I'm trying to build in my own fantasy novel. I know I'll learn a lot from past interviews as well.

Linda A. said...

Please enter my name in this great giveaway. Thank you for offering this series.
1.PB, magazine articles and stories, and teacher guides.
3.Kathleen Duey's world building. My eyes were opened to new ways to see the setting.

Linda A.

Janelle said...

Hi To Rtpuppydog, Diane, and any other new visitors who I already think are old friends. : ) Welcome to the writermorphosis community!
- Janelle