Saturday, May 4, 2013

Agents Seeking Middle Grade Boy Books!

Boy Books: they are on the wish lists of many agents and editors today.

Whether they are mysteries, fantasies, paranormals, coming-of-age stories, real-life adventures, or just plain comedic -- high interest Boy Books are being sought in the publishing world today.

Do you have a boy book manuscript in your closet ready to send out to agents or editors? Do you have  the next Hardy Boys, The Black Stallion, Wimpy Kid, Alex Ryder, or Artemis Fowl?  Do you have the next Chocolate War, Holes, The Outsiders, The Ranger's Apprentice, Jack on the Tracks, or Charlie Bone...?

If so, a lot of agents are looking for boy-centric books. Here are just a few agencies with agents seeking Boy Books!


2.)  N.S. Bienstock

3.)  Upstart Crow Literary


6.)  The Seymour Agency

An internet search will land you more listings of agents out there looking for books that target boys.

AND, in honor of boy books, here are 


Jess said...

Great post! Heading over to Twitter to tweet this :)

Linda A. said...

Thenks for the info. I don't have a "boy" manuscript,but I'll keep the suggessted list for when I do. Meanwhile, the pirate and writer comparison is clever.

Janelle said...

Thanks Jess!

I thought so too, Linda. :)