Sunday, April 28, 2013

SCHMOOZE! A Great Opportunity to Network with Fellow Writers.

What is a SCHMOOZE? 
 And how can it help your writing career?

These are photos from the 1st Pages Critique Panel at the Annual Raleigh, NC. SCHMOOZE in 2012. 
Hosted by the Goalies Critique Group, the SCHMOOZE featured authors/illustrator John Bemis, Karen Lee, and Stephen Messer critiquing attendees' first pages and illustrations.

A SCHMOOZE is a FREE and FUN Networking Opportunity for Children's/MG/YA Writers.
Schmoozes are hosted by members of the SCBWI
and fall under a set of guidelines created by the SCBWI to help writers network with each other.

Your Critique Group can host one in your area!  SCHMOOZE hosting-tips are at the this website.

A SCHMOOZE generally consists of:

1.) A group of Childrens/YA/MG writers getting together and inviting other similar writers - both experienced authors/illustrators and also those who are new to or interested in learning more about the profession -- to meet to chat, share, and learn.

2.) There is time for chatting and networking, exchanging of ideas, tips, and contact information, even hearing about each other's manuscripts and/or illustrations.

3.) There are usually snacks and or beverages. : )

4.) There is often a speaker (an experienced author or illustrator, or an agent or editor,) or sometime a "first pages panel" where you can get your own work critiqued by experienced authors. You'll find more information on this kind of SCHMOOZE below.

5.) There is often the opportunity for experienced authors/illustrators leading or participating in the SCHMOOZE to sell and sign their books.

6.) SCHMOOZES ARE ALWAYS FREE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS!  They are a wonderful networking opportunity for authors and illustrators of all experience levels.  

In this business it's all about "how well you write or illustrate" but for many authors success is also somewhat related to "who you know." Other authors/illustrators can teach you, support you, guide you, laugh and cry with you, and a great place to meet those authors is at your local SCHMOOZE.  So, get a group of author/illustrator friends together and consider hosting a SCHMOOZE in your area today! Not sure if there's already a SCHMOOZE planned in your area?  Check the Calendar here.

The photos above are of past SCHMOOZES in the NC SCBWI Region -- to give you ideas!



for those who happen to be in the North Carolina Area now...
I'm delighted to post the following invitation:

hosted by the 
May 19, 2013

Any Aspiring Kid-Lit Writers in the Triangle?
Please join the SCBWI and the goalies critique group for our annual SCHMOOZE at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh from 2:00 to 5:00 on May 19. We'll being doing a first-pages panel again, and our panelists are fabulous!  
Cate Tiernan (Immortal Beloved, Balefire, and Sweep series)
Jackie Ogburn (The Bake Shop Ghost, a Dignity of Dragons, Little Treasures, and many more)
They will read and critique the first 250 words of your picture book, chapter book, middle grade book, young adult book, or illustration (no adult fiction please).
Entries over 250 words will be excluded, and you must include a word count and category at the top of your entry. Please do not include your name.

The goalies will provide snacks.

Everyone is welcome! Entries are anonymous -- so come and meet your fellow kidlit authors!
No registration is required. The event is free.  We hope to see you there!
in whatever region or country you live in!


Janelle said...

Sorry everyone -- the post went up late this weekend due to an internet snafu!

Thanks to all those who came by looking for it at the normal Saturday time :)!

Jenny said...

I can't wait for the first pages. It looks like an awesome panel!

Linda said...

Great info Janelle!
Can't wait until the schmooze, hmmmm which picture book will I submit??

Crafterdays said...

Looking forward to the schmooze as always.