Saturday, August 24, 2013

4 Literary Agents Tell You What They're Looking For!

Today on Write-On-Con we're featuring two literary agencies and listening to what they are and are not looking for in MG, YA, and New Adult Book submissions this Fall!

These are pitch videos from last week's Write On Con to 4 agents from 3 literary agencies. The agents explain at the beginning of each video what types of manuscript submissions they are looking for, and after that they each listen to pitch after pitch from write on can and say why they think it's a good pitch or not, and why - based on that pitch and their submission interests - they would request more info. on that manuscript or not.  

Click the links in blue to find info. and submissions guidelines for the 3 agencies.

The agents in the second video are particularly hilarious.


1.) New Leaf Literary - Agents Susie Townsend and Liz Ortiz

2.) Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency - Agent MacKenzie Brady

3.) Aragi Inc - Agent Duvall Osteen


Carol Baldwin said...

I hope I'm not too late to enter your contest. I can see I've missed a great one! ANyway, this blog will get posted in my "agent" file. I'm not there yet--so just concentrating on writing rather than finding an agent. THanks for the info!

Linda A. said...

I missed this one earlier, but I'm going to do like Carol and keep it on file.