Saturday, August 31, 2013

Final Week to Enter : Win a Book and a Tip by one of our Expert Children's/YA Authors

This is it! It's the LAST week to enter the "Comments Contest" for your chance to win a book by one of our Expert Authors or Illustrators who gave tips on the blog this summer!

Each Book comes with a writing tip from the author inside!

Linda A is the clear front-runner in the Comments Contest at this point -- GO LINDA!

But there will be 2 winners, so your chances are still good!

How to win? 
Place a relevant comment on any posts that were written on this blog from June through the end of August of this year (2013).   Every time you comment your name will be entered into the jar for the drawing. 
2 lucky winners will each win a book by one of our expert authors, 
with a writing tip from that author inside!

Winners' names will be posted the 2nd Saturday in September!

There have been lots of diverse posts this summer -- comment on any of them!  Each one will enter your name in the jar! The more comments, the more chances to win.

So, to help you, here are links to some of the posts you may have missed this summer:

9.) Live Streaming of Book Expo America Publishing Industry Presentations

And though these last 2 are actually from May, and not June-August, I'll throw them in as a bonus and count comments made on them for the contest as well -- because Don Tate's thoughts are definitely worth reading! :)

10.) Author/Illustrator Don Tate - On Writing Multicultural Picture Books/Biographies

11.) Author/Illustrator Don Tate - On why Multicultural Children's Books are Important.

So, have fun reading and commenting this week!  

Good luck to all who are entering the 
this summer!


Linda A. said...

Being a clear front runner is wonderful news~

Thank you!

Janelle said...

:) Yes, Congratulations LINDA! So now who will be the runner up!