Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating Teen Lit Week! Photos!

This week was Teen Lit Week - the annual celebration of teen literature that's filled with many activities and events bringing teens and great YA/MG books together!

We have a number of great interviews with well-known and well-loved YA, MG, and PB authors coming up over the next few months here on Writermorphois. They'll be here sharing specific tips on how we can make our own writing stronger!

But for today, in honor of Teen Lit Week, we're celebrating the Annual Teen Lit Book Drop, here on Writermorphosis.

The Teen Lit Book Drop is an annual event, started in 2009, in which people (adults or otherwise) leave a YA/MG book in a public place for teens to find and take home for free, to enjoy.  It's such a fun event - sneaking into a teen friendly place and leaving your books in secret.

In case you didn't get a chance to "drop off" your own well-loved YA or MG book somewhere for teens to find this week, it's not too early to start planning for next year!  Teen lit week is a great time for authors and illustrators to read and share their books with teens -- at local libraries, coffee shop events, morning radio and TV talk shows, at the park, etc.  If you have a book out, and did not promote it during Teen Lit Week this year, now is the time to start setting something up for next year.  (Libraries, schools, and other teen-friendly places are often planning way ahead to set up author presentations for Teen Lit Week!  Don't be left in the dust!)

And for those who missed the April 18th, 2013 book drop, but who want some inspiration on what kinds of places to "Drop" your donated teen lit books next year -- here are a few fun photos sent in by Writermorphosis readers and expert-author/illustrators, showing the great places where some of us "dropped" YA books this year:

Poet and Writer Linda Johnson left this beautiful copy of Wither by Lauren DeStefano, at her local Starbucks. :)

She left Uglies by Scott Westerfield, at the Orthodontist's office. (Brilliant!) 

...And Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen at the Eye Doctor's Office. :)  I love it!

MG writer Jenny Murray dropped The Book Thief by Markus Zusak at a local Video Rental "Redbox."  
(I can hear the conversation now:  "So I went to pick up a movie, Mom, but I actually came home with this great free book!")

Children's Book Illustrator/Author Karen Lee dropped of the fabulous fantasy Incarceron by Catherine Fisher off at the local Arts Center during a youth theater rehearsal. (So creative!)

And there were many more!

Did you drop a book in a fun place during this Teen Lit Week?
If not, there's still next year, and, frankly, there's no rule that says you have to wait until then!

Happy Teen Lit Week to all!

See you next Saturday on Writermorphosis, for more professional tips from children's/YA authors plus more opportunities to move your Children's/YA Writing Career forward!

Here was my own 2013 book drop -- at the local teen-friendly baseball park!


Jenny said...

Super fun! I hope all the books find great readers and new homes.

Karen said...

This is really cool. I hope the books all found good homes.

Linda said...

Thanks Janelle, that was so much fun! I added a poem to mine:


If you find me,
you may have me.
Read me, read me
and enjoy me.

Then leave your name
and date your thoughts.
Then once again
just drop me off.

I wrote in it first. I wonder how many will sign it!

Janelle said...

I had fun dropping mine off too guys! Thanks for the great comments! I hope more people will join this great even every year!

Janelle said...

"Event", I mean, "this great event!" :)

Laura Renegar said...

I left a copy of Lisa McMann's CRYER'S CROSS outside a high school softball game. I LOVE Rock the Drop!

Janelle said...

Thanks for sharing your book drop, Laura! I love it too!