Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This week -- Rock the Drop! Share your Book Drop Photos here!

It's Teen Lit Week!  

This means that Thurs April 18th is the day to 

(It's such an important event that it merits a mid-week post on Writermorphosis! :))

The Teen Lit Week Book Drop is a way for all of us authors (and anyone else too) to share fabulous teen literature with teens near us!

How does the Book Drop Work?

You simply (and sneakily) "drop off" one of your favorite YA or MG books (one written by your favorite author, or even one of your own published books,) in a teen-friendly public place.  Put a note inside it that says it's for whoever finds it in honor of teen lit week and that you hope 
they love it! 

Some teen will find that YA or MG story and hopefully turn off that television  for a bit to sit down and enjoy a great novel, with a bunch of characters in it just like them!

But wait! There's more!

In Celebration of Teen Lit Week (AKA Teen Reads Week), Writermorphosis is having show and tell!

I've shared the photo of my own book drop I did at a baseball field in the Dominican Republic, where local teens often play.

Now it's your turn!  Please share a teen book you enjoy by "dropping" it somewhere for teens to find.  Then (if you'd like) EMAIL A PHOTO of it, (to writermorphosis@gmail.com) in the setting where you "dropped" it, and we'll post your photo on Writermorphosis!
Please include 1.) the location where you dropped it (town/state/city, and country) and your first name.  Thanks!

I'd love to see how many countries and how many states, cities, and counties Writermorphosis readers can drop off their books in!



Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! I'm in!

Joy said...

Thank you for the brilliant idea. I went to the library book sale this week and saw three copies of my friend Allan Wolf's instructional poetry book. It broke my heart, now I'll go back and buy them so I can drop them off around town.